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Hello, $10 Secondhand Bedside Table. I Think I Love You.


030514-bedside-tableIn anticipation of our weekend house guests, I spent some time last week trying to finish off rooms. In the master bedroom, there was a metal crate resting between the two vintage twin beds as a sort of makeshift bedside table (as you can see in this progress post). Since our guests would be using this room I thought it would be nice to replace the crate with an actual table. After scouring every inch of the antique mall I found the perfect little painted table … and it was only $10!

I had just been at the antique mall the day before, when I bought our $29 dining table. I was doubtful that lightning could strike twice (it rarely does when vintage shopping) but I made the trek back to the old antique mall and started my hunt for a cheap bedside table. I made one half-hearted march through all four floors of antiques and secondhand goods and came up with just a few planters (which would come in handy later). Unwilling to go home without sometthing to replace the crate between the beds, I made another, more eagle eyed circuit through the antique mall. And there it was, surrounded by old sneakers and denim jackets -the perfect table.

Photo Feb 27, 12 18 49 PM

Mind you, it wasn’t love at first sight with the table. I wasn’t convinced about the shape and the paint job was a little shabby. But it felt like a solid little guy and I reasoned that if all else fails, I could paint it. Hey, for $10 it would at least be good stand-in for the weekend.


Once I got the table home, cleaned it up and positioned it between the beds, now that was when I fell in love. The paint color is so perfect paired up with the salmon-y finish on the beds. Even the painting, which had been impetuously propped up on the metal create, is a perfect match for the table. And let me tell you: It felt so good to hang some art in the house! Except for the art that I put up in the entryway, all of the walls in the house are bare as we first fill it with furniture before accessorizing. With the table and beds in place in his room, it felt like the right time to put a screw in the wall and hang a painting. 


I fussed around with the vignette on top of the table for quite awhile. I knew I wanted some books and a water pitcher for the guests. I threw the flashlight in for fun, even though there are nightlights that lead to the bathroom. At the last minute I moved the phone on top of the books, as you can see in the top photo. It’s silly, of course, because why would anyone want to use the landline when they’ve got mini computers at their fingertips? But it also felt very hotel-y to have a phone between the beds.

— J. Blandings

Images: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

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