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DIY Inspiration: Painting Tile Floors



While we plan to switch out this flooring in the kitchen and side entrance hallway, we’re a year or two away from being ready for the project. We won’t want to replace the flooring until we give the kitchen a major overhaul. And to redesign the kitchen, we need to save all of our nickels and dimes. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about covering the existing flooring to give it a little refresh.

In searching around the web, I’m happy to discover that a lot of like-minded DIY folks have not only painted their floors, they’ve proved that it’s a temporary measure that can last and last. Maybe we’ll even end up keeping the painted floors when we rehab the kitchen.

I’ve rounded up the posts that I’ll be referring back to when I’m ready to paint our floors. Following the advice of all of these great folks, I’ll wait until warmer weather to start this project. From what everyone has written about their projects, the primer and paint that’s formulated for use on flooring is very, very fume-y. Rather than risk death, I’ll live with the floors until we can open the windows and doors.


Yes! You Can Paint a Ceramic Tile Floor on Curbly – Modhomeecteacher gives a nice tutorial on how she updated her tired old tile floors by painting them white.


How to Paint Tile Floors: A Tutorial on Love Stitched – Erika put a base coat of white paint on her laundry room floors and then she created a gorgeous chevron pattern on top of it.

before and after tile paint

How To Paint Tile in 2 Easy Steps from Live Love DIY – Virginia tamed the dated tile counter top in her kitchen by painting it white.


DIY: Painting Old Vinyl Floor Tiles from Mary Wiseman Design –  I’m not sure what the flooring I want to cover is made of, so I was happy to find Mary’s post about painting the vinyl flooring in her bathroom.


How to Paint Vinyl Flooring from DIY Network – This is a very detailed tutorial – from sanding and de-glossing to priming and painting – for covering vinyl flooring with new color.


How to Paint a Tile Floor from Joyce Shelton Decorative Arts Studio – Joyce covered the mismatched tiles in her studio to create a bold gray and white pattern.


— J. Blandings

Images: 1. Mr. and Mr. Blandings, 2. Curbly, 3. Love Stitched, 4. Live Love DIY. 5. Mary Wiseman Design, 6. DIY Network, 7. Joyce Shelton

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