10 Totally Different DIY Pendant Lights

10 DIY Pendant Light Projects

I love a good ol’ craft project. Nothing makes me happier than spending a weekend afternoon with a project spread across the dining room table. In looking around for alternative lighting for the Dream house, I came across a number of amazing DIY pendant lights. From garbage cans to ice buckets, it seems like just about anything can become a light fixture!

DIY Trash Can Pendant Light

Trash Can Pendant Light from Domestically Speaking - Talk about trash to treasure! Maryann took a standard wicker garbage can and turned it into a stylish light fixture.

DIY Ice Bucket Pendant

On the Rocks from Makely Home – Perfect for the type who likes a tipple, an upcycled ice bucket is perfect above a bar.

Globe Pendant Light

Globe Light from Oregon Live - Turn the world upside down and put a bulb in it.

Tart Tin Lamp from Houzz – These little tins are easy to find at thrift stores and flea markets.

Industrial Whisk Pendant

Industrial Whisk Light from Brooklyn to West - Whip up some vintage fun with one of these industrial inspired lights.

DIY Concrete Pendant

Concrete Pendant Knock Off from HomeMade Modern – The original concrete lamp is spendy. The DIY version is labor intensive but affordable.


Brass Bowl Pendant from The Hunted Interior - Jump on the brass trend and add a little shine to your lighting.


Birch Bark Lamp from Ruffled - Bring a little nature inside with this bark pendant.

DIY Mason Jar Lamp

Mason Jar Pendant from A Beach Cottage - Canning jars bring country charm to pendant lighting.

DIY Paint Can Pendant

Paint Can Pendant from Shelterness - Adding a coat of leftover paint to those old paint cans can turn them into beautiful lighting.

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Sleep Style: What I Keep on My Bedside Table

We’re partnering with the folks at Restonic for a series of posts on sleep style. The series kicked off yesterday with a tour of our bedroom in our city apartment over on the Restonic blog. Today, we’re zeroing in on the bedside table…

What's on my bedside table

The bedroom is often the most private space in a home. It’s a sanctuary away from the hectic hubbub of the home office and a break from the distractions of the living room. And it’s the one room that generally is off limits to visitors and house guests.

As much as we’ve been told to keep our bedrooms free of electronics and other sleep deprivation devices, the bedside table is still the activity center of the room. Phones, alarm clocks, tablets and other essentials are stashed beside us while we sleep.

As a new series of posts in cooperation with Restonic, I thought it would be fun to take a peek inside the inner sanctuaries of others. To kick things off, I’m offering a glimpse of what I keep on my bedside table.

The contents of my bedside table

  • iPhone: Not surprisingly, my smartphone is my everything. It’s my alarm clock, white noise machine, music maker and so much more. So of course it sits in a prominent place on the bedside table, ready to be picked up first thing in the morning.
  • Bedtime reading: I have a small stack of books that I turn to when I have trouble falling asleep. I try to keep my bedtime reading light and fun – no zombie apocalypses or political thrillers here!
  • Land line telephone: Although we rarely use the land line, we had to get one in order to have internet at our house. The phone is mostly for show but I have been known to prop up the pillows and have a long conversation just like I did in my teenage years.
  • Water decanter: There’s nothing worse that waking up completely parched and being forced to trek through the cold, dark house for a glass of water. I keep a small water decanter next to the bed for thirst emergencies.
  • House plant: Not only does the plant bring a little life to the bedside, it also helps purify the air I breathe.
  • Lotion: To help combat dry hands, I try to apply lotion right before I turn in for the evening. After I’ve checked my phone for the last time, I’ll apply some Corn Huskers Lotion and let it do its soothing magic while I snooze.

Be sure to check out the inaugural bedroom tour on the Restonic blog … and check back for tours of more stylish bedrooms in the coming weeks. 

Interested in showing off your “sleep style?” Email us at mrandmrblandings@gmail.com to show us what you keep on your bedside table or to give us a full bedroom tour.

Images: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

5 Reasons to Dry Your Laundry on a Clothesline

5 Reasons to Dry Your Laundry Outdoors

When I march into the backyard, a laundry basket under one arm and a basket of clothes pins swinging from the other, I get a certain sense of satisfaction. I’m saving the earth, bleaching my whites and (literally) airing out my laundry all in one fell swoop. If you’re not yet convinced about drying your laundry outdoors, check out these five advantages to using a clothesline…

Energy savings – Next to heating and air conditioning, the clothes dryer is one of the biggest energy hogs in your house. And although you’re not going to retire on the $7 per month in energy savings, every little bit helps!

All natural bleaching – That big ol’ star that we call the sun is quite powerful. Drying your whites out in the sunshine will keep them whiter for longer – no harmful chemicals required.

Pendleton wool blankets dry on a clothesline in the backyard

Fresh sheets – Nothing beats burying your face in a pillow case that has been dried on a clothesline. It’s like laying your head on a cloud! Who needs chemical laden dryer sheets when you can get the real deal naturally? 

Get up and move – If nothing else, hanging your clothes on the line is an excuse to drag your booty out of the house and into the fresh air. Take some deep breaths while your clip your clothes to the line and enjoy the bird songs for a little meditation.

Wrinkle prevention - Unlike the tumbling action of a dryer, which can create terrible wrinkles in clothes, wind powered drying tends to create a smoother finish.


Images: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

We Found the Original Dining Room Doors for Our American System-Built Home!

Dining room doors in an American System-Built homeOn our very first visit to the Dream House, we tried to look over every last inch of the it – from the house to the garage to the old carriage house and even the yard. Having endured the five hour drive from our city apartment to the house, we wanted to make sure we were thorough in our inspection of the space. We saw two small doors stashed over the rafters in the garage way back then but it took us six months until we were finally able to get a closer look. And now that we have gotten to inspect the doors more closely, we’re beyond thrilled with them!

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